Eliminate Pedal Pressure with Falke’s Eco-friendly Socks

Falke's Pedal Pressure Free Stripe socks eliminates pedal pressure under the ball of the foot


Despite cycling being a low-impact sport, the pressure from the pedals can make your feet hurt. Many cyclists feel foot pain, especially during long or hot rides when their feet may swell.

When you cycle, your feet transfer power from your thighs and glutes, through your knees, and to the pedals. Our cleats are usually positioned right underneath where nerves pass through the tight space of the balls of the feet. This pressure can cause burning sensations, numbness, and pain.

How do Falke’s Pedal Pressure Free socks help?

The FALKE Pedal Pressure Free cycling socks offer a strategically positioned pressure zone located under the ball of the foot, which reduces pressure felt under the foot. This helps promote blood flow and reduces swelling, pain and numbness offering superior comfort over extended periods while cycling.


The socks are made up of BCOOL yarn that has been spun into fibre from recycled polymer. This new fibre has a high degree of abrasion resistance along with comfort and cushioning with no added weight. Importantly, the final product also has excellent moisture management properties that transport the perspiration, or water, away from the skin keeping the feet drier for longer.

Features Include:

– Cordura reinforced heel and toe ensures ultimate durability

– Pedal Pressure Free cushioning under the ball of the foot

– Elasticated anklet support offers comfort and support

– Mesh panels for breathability and keep feet cool

– Sensitive cuff for comfort, stability and support

– BCool recycled yarn keeps feet cool and dry

– Seamless toe prevents blisters

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