Thule Epos – Its Most Versatile Carrier Yet

If you are running a few different bikes, Thule's new Epos carrier could have the answer to transporting any of them.


Thule Epos is a new, fully foldable and tiltable towbar bike carrier with an innovative telescopic bike attachment system designed to transport bikes of any type or size – whether it is mountain bikes, gravel bikes or e-bikes.

Epos Tech Specs:

–   High load capacity with 30kg/bike and 60kg in total enabling transport of all bikes including heavy e-bikes

–   Fits all frame designs,  from 20mm to 90mm diameter

–   Enables easy transport of larger bikes with generous bike spacing of 250 mm and longer wheelbases up to 1 350mm

–   Fits wheel diameters from 16” to 29” and tyres up to 3,2”. Up to 5” with accessory strap (sold separately)

Innovative patented telescopic bike arms – a new way to attach your bikes

The core innovation with the Thule Epos bike carrier is the flexibility and ease of use created by the unique individual, and telescopic bike arms equipped with pivoting head and reinforced straps, that offer numerous attachment options to securely hold any type of bike. Thule Epos lets you attach your bike anywhere on the frame or the rear wheel for a no-frame contact. This durable and high-capacity carrier, that carries bikes with a weight up to 30 kg each, makes transportation of bikes easier than ever. Thule Epos carries up to three bikes and fits all types of frames and geometries, including e-bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes as well as bikes with fenders and racks.

Fast, easy, and safe bike loading and unloading – designed to give cyclists more time riding

The mounting requires minimum effort, securing the carrier to the car is a breeze. Bikes are easy to load and unload independently, without you needing to think about in which order the unloading will take place. Once the bikes are loaded, the trunk will still be accessible thanks to the smart tilting mechanism. Handling your bikes is easier and faster than ever before, so you can spend more time enjoying those bike rides with friends and family.

“We are thrilled to introduce this revolutionary, and our most patent protected, bike carrier that will make it easier than ever to transport any type of bike. The installation process requires minimal effort and loading and unloading bikes is incredibly simple  no more excuses not to go riding next weekend!” says Baptiste Chaussignand, Director Product Management Bike category at Thule.

Convenient in all situations

With no bikes attached, the bike arms stow flat, which makes the trunk accessible even without tilting the bike carrier. Thule Epos is also fully foldable for easy transportation and storage when not being used.

Experience the future of bike carriers

Thule Epos is the natural evolution of many years of experience and dedication to biking at Thule. The innovative patented telescopic bike arms provide flexibility, ease of use, and safely carry your bikes to any destination. Cycling is continuously changing – and at Thule, we like to meet the customer needs of today and tomorrow.

“Seeing and using the finished Thule Epos is great. We have been able to use all our bike nerd knowledge, combined with the engineering knowledge from a long line of bike carriers – and we have stepped up our game. This light and strong platform delivers on quality and looks that is truly premium. With integrated LED lights and fit-for-purpose accessories it’s one of my new favourites in the collection.”

Accessories for Thule Epos:

* Thule Epos Bike Repair Holder  – this smart and simple-to-attach repair holder mounts on the bike carrier allowing you to secure your bike and easily adjust or repair it on the go

* Thule High Grade Lock – for added security and protection against theft, Thule has teamed up with ABUS®, industry leader in lock solutions for bikes

* Thule Epos Foldable Loading Ramp – for easy loading and unloading of heavier bikes


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