Spinning Out!

The traditional spin bike has turned into a hi-tech interactive trainer – and the ICG IC8 is one of the best.

Mike Finch |

Indoor training is becoming more than just that thing you do in winter when you can’t ride outdoors.

Many top amateur and professionals swear by the uninterrupted nature of training on a spin bike, spinning’s super-efficiency, and the relative ease of just jumping on at home, no matter what the weather’s doing outside.


For years, the Wattbike has been the ‘go to’ indoor trainer, offering a combination of high-end construction, advanced power-meter features and online interaction. Wattbike took the idea of a simple stationary trainer and made indoor cycling more than just a training alternative; it became a viable sole training regime.


Since then a number of brands have brought out smart trainers and stationary bikes, and at first glance the IC8 seemed to be just another stationary trainer.

A top-of-the-range indoor trainer, with all the interactivity and mods you need to take your indoor training to the next level.

But we got to test the bike in our offices for a short time, and experienced a high-quality, premium product, complete with all the standard mod cons and compatibility that modern indoor riders demand from a trainer.

For a start, it can connect (via a dongle) to Zwift – a crucial factor for most modern indoor bikes.

But that’s just the beginning: with smartphone apps and integrated data combining critical heart-rate and watt-rate unformation (with the force of every pedal stroke measured separately for each leg), the IC8 is the supersonic jet of the indoor training world. Five programmable screens, with 40 different data values, make it infinitely adjustable and toggle-able.


The power meter is claimed to be accurate to within one per cent, while the drivetrain feels as realistic as real-world cycling, with freewheel and coasting tech. The app also allows riders to share results and workouts, customise their own workouts, and tap into the many free workout options. The frame itself has comfortable pro-performance bars – including a TT position – and can be adjusted for any type of rider.

The Low-Down

PRICE: R57 429 excl. VAT

A top-of-the-range indoor trainer, with all the interactivity and mods you need to take your insider training to the next level. It’s expensive, but it may just be worth the investment.

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