Grindrod Bank Berg & Bush – Have You Entered Yet?

The Grindrod Bank Berg and Bush offers exceptional riding, topped only by its hospitality and relaxed atmosphere. And lots of medicinal beer.

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The annual Grindrod Berg & Bush has become the seminal three-day mountain bike stage event – yes, you can race if you want, but you can equally jol with your mates and enjoy a bevy or three from the comfort of the Em’seni race village. Set in the stunning location of the Drakensberg mountain range, there is a choice of  events that is sure to spark your sense of adventure. This is life in the slow lane. Take your time. Take photos. Take it easy. Racing snakes are obviously welcome, the Descent is all yours, but if you’re the kind of rider who prefers pints to positions, then the Tour is the ride for you.


PHOTO: Em Gatland


14-16 June 2022

Grindrod Bank Berg & Bush Tour

The Berg & Bush Tour is our three-day clover leaf event. Each day starts and finishes at the Em’seni race village. No packing and repacking, no fuss. The Tour is an ideal option for riders looking for a laid-back tour environment with all the frills of a full-service stage race, and for groups of friends looking for a stress-free riding weekend away.

Day 1: 62km

This day follows the same route as Descent Day 2, where you’ll enjoy plenty of bushveld riding and single track. The climb up “Ox Wagon Hill” awards you breath taking views of the Drakensberg mountains before you follow the tracks made by cattle and game farmers along dry river beds. Reserve some energy in the legs for “Mike’s Pass” and then enjoy the rush of the “Puff Adder Pass” descent back to the Tugela River. You’ll then follow more cattle tracks along the river before the final crossing over the Tugela River to the finish.

Day 2: 54km

This new route starts on the dairy farm belonging to the Green family and heads to the south side of Spioenkop mountain. A brand new “Zig-Zag” route takes you high up the mountain before a spectacular descent down into “Fanagalo” which was used for the World Single Speed Champs. The new track heads through the Middledale Flats, original farm of the Green family; farm roads eventually lead to the wagon trail to Bergville before you descend down the final tracks into Em’seni Race Village.

Day 3: 50km

Today you’ll tackle the iconic Spioenkop mountain climb. First you’ll cross the Tugela River, passing through Tugela River Lodge where you’ll be greeted with the first steep climb of the day – “Lantana Hill”. The reward post-climb is the super fun new single track through the ravines of Grootehoek Farm taking you to the base of Spioenkop mountain. Prepare to suffer as you tackle the infamous 14 bumps to the top of Spioenkop, which is worth every second. This iconic climb is followed by an exhilarating 13km single track descent which takes you down the mountain over the “Bell Run” and home to Em’seni Race Village.

PHOTO: Em Gatland


18-19 June

Grindrod Bank Berg & Bush 2-Day 

Our original and beloved Berg & Bush event, the 2-Day is popular amongst family groups, beginner mountain bikers and riders looking for two mellow days on the saddle. Both days start and finish at the Em’seni race village, with riders enjoying maximum fun and excitement on the trails. Riders from ages 15 and above are welcome to enter.

Day 1: 59km

You’ll be following the Descent and Great Mid-Week Day 2 route. Think plenty of bushveld and single track to keep you happy. The day starts with a good wake-up call, climbing the “Ox Wagon Hill” which offers spectacular views of the Drakensberg mountains from the top. You’ll then ride along dry river bed tracks, carved out by cattle and game farmers, before the next challenge – climbing “Mike’s Pass”. What goes up, must come down, and the “Puff Adder Pass” will have you grinning from ear to ear as you fly back down to the Tugela River. The route then follows more cattle tracks along the river until the final crossing to the finish.

Day 2: 49km

The historic and iconic Spioenkop mountain climb awaits you. You’ll start the day by crossing the Tugela River, passing through Tugela River Lodge and hitting “Lantana Hill”, your first lung-busting climb. What follows is a fun-filled winding single track through the ravines of Grootehoek Farm, taking you to the base of Spioenkop mountain. Your last steep climb awaits – the infamous Spioenkop with its 14 bumps to the top will make you work for those extra doughnuts you couldn’t resist. But the reward is sweet as you descend the thrilling 13km single track descent which takes you all the way down the mountain, over the “Bell Run” and home to Em’seni Race Village.

PHOTO: Em Gatland

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