Vitality and Zwift Partner for a Global World Challenge

Join Vitality and Zwift on a virtual challenge and pump up your points, while every completed ride will see a child vaccinated against polio.

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  • Zwift, the online gaming and fitness platform, and Vitality, the global behaviour-change programme, unlock boosted fitness opportunities. 
  • Social impact: Every stage completed Vitality for UNICEF Ride Series will unlock a life-saving polio vaccine for a child. 

Vitality, the largest global platform for behaviour change, has announced a partnership with Zwift, the global online fitness platform born from gaming towards fitness and social change that looks to further promote wellness, health and fitness while giving back in a unique way.



In the last two years, social interaction and travel for fitness have been missed in a pandemic world. However, thanks to technology, cyclists worldwide have been able to bring those experiences into their homes, with Zwift, the online gaming and fitness platform. As a scientifically grounded behavioural-change programme, Vitality harnesses technology to promote physical activity. 

“A global partnership between Vitality and Zwift is therefore a natural acceleration toward fitness and ultimately, good health,” says Dinesh Govender, CEO of Vitality SA. 

Vitality is helping UNICEF vaccinate thousands of children with life-saving polio vaccines

Govender adds: “Vitality has committed to helping people become more active and Zwift enables this in a fun, interactive manner, underpinned by the latest technology. We believe the impact of connecting our communities will be substantial and far-reaching.” 

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Group rides, friendly meet ups, mass-participation events and races are all possible in Zwift’s many virtual destinations, from London, New York, Paris… or to Zwift’s fantasy volcanic island, Watopia.   

The partnership kicks off with the Vitality UNICEF Ride Series, held on Zwift between 23  August and 6 September. In partnership with UNICEF, every ride completed during the Series will unlock a life-saving polio vaccine for a child.  With the Vitality UNICEF Ride Series, Vitality is helping UNICEF vaccinate thousands of children with life-saving polio vaccines around the world. 

Vitality, through numerous research and other studies built of over 50 million life years of behavioural-linked insurance data, has demonstrated the impact of exercise on disease and mortality and the insurance and societal value of improving behaviour.  This is in line with its Global Pledge by its network of global insurance partners across 30 countries to make 100 million people 20% more active by 2025. 


Eric Min, Zwift CEO and Co-Founder says, “Our mission at Zwift is to help make more people, more active, more often. It’s a mission that strongly resonates with our core beliefs in the promotion of a fitter, healthier society. I’m delighted that we have been able to partner to offer these benefits to Zwift and Vitality members alike.”

Vitality members can bring the outdoor cycling experience indoors by pairing Zwift with their indoor bike or home trainer (a device that lets you ride your outdoor bike indoors).  Starting with South Africa, with a subsequent international rollout, members in certain markets can earn vitality points, the programme’s measure for health engagement and outcomes which drive incentives and insurance premiums. 

Members in South Africa can automatically add to the value of their workouts by logging their Zwift ride with Vitality to earn reward points.  

Vitality and Zwift work together toward behaviour change – and social impact

“Importantly, one of the additional benefits of the partnership is that members worldwide can participate in the Vitality for UNICEF Ride Series with Zwift and complete a virtual ride event to vaccinate a child against polio, aligned to Vitality’s existing partnership with UNICEF,” adds Govender.

The Vitality for UNICEF Ride Series runs from 23 August to 6 September 2021.  For each stage of the challenge completed by a Vitality member, a polio vaccine will reach a child via UNICEF. 


Route details

23 – 25 August

26 – 28 August 

29 – 31 August 

1 – 3 September 

4 – 6 September

World: Watopia

Route: Watopia Waistband

Laps: 1

Distance:  25.5 km

Elevation: 95 m

World: Yumezi

Route: Flatland Loop

Laps: 2

Distance: 26 km

Elevation: 200 m

World: London

Route: Greater London Flat

Laps: 2

Distance: 23.2 km

Elevation: 90 m

World: France

Route: RGV

Laps: 1

Total Distance: 24.1 km

Elevation: 108 m

World: Watopia

Route: Tick Tock

Laps: 2

Total Distance: 33.6 km

Elevation: 88 m


Entries for the Vitality for UNICEF Ride Series open on 20 August on the Zwift website.

Want to give it a try first? Download Zwift and start with a 7-day trial and ride.


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