How To Get Your FREE Copy Of Bicycling Magazine

Want a free copy of Bicycling magazine? How about airtime and food vouchers? Find out how.

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Do you love taking pictures on the bike? Use your selfies to get free copies of your favourite mag…

Find Out More

A new app, South AfriCAM has just launched which allows you to add Bicycling-branded stickers to your selfies. There are other stickers, too – from the other mags in our publishing stable – Runner’s World, Men’s Health and YOU magazine, to name a few. Choose to add any of the stickers available to your posts, then share it and get your fans to like and comment.

The more likes, comments and shares you get on your post, the more points (called JETS) you earn. You can then use these points to purchase magazines, airtime, food vouchers and more…

How It Works

Step 1: Download the app, South AfriCAM. It’s available on Google PlayStore as well as iOS

Step 2: Tell your riding mates about the app, so they can get in on the action (and show off their rides for freebies, too!)

Step 3: Take a selfie and upload it to the app.

Step 4: Share it to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Step 5: Engage with others, so they’ll reciprocate

Step 6: Watch as your earn JETpoints

Step 7: Spend your points! You can spend them on a number of magazines (one being Bicycling of course), airtime, or food and music vouchers. You can then spend your JETPoints directly from the app or redeem in Checkers or Shoprite stores.

The best news is, you really don’t need to have thousands of followers to start earning – anyone can benefit. So download the app today, start earning JETPoints and start spending today!

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