Two Wheels Trading Launches ‘Bike Festival’

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Bicycling heads to PE to check out how TWT has reinvigorated their annual product unveiling for dealers.

Words Oli Munnik  // Photographs by Too Social (PTY) Ltd 


This month Two Wheels Trading (TWT) celebrates 10 years in the South African cycling industry. The company handles a diverse suite of brands, ranging from Lezyne tools to Munna kids’ bikes, as well as the flagship Momsen range. This has translated into the Port Elizabeth-based wholesaler and distributor becoming an important part of SA’s cycling community.


July 2017 also saw TWT open a facility in the hip-and-happening area of South End, on the doorstep of the Baakens Valley – an iconic local riding spot, which regularly hosts rounds of the SA National XCO series.


Coincidentally (we think), early Portuguese sailors chose South End and the fresh water of the Baakens to establish a settlement in the 1400s – a positive omen for TWT, as they have laid the foundation for their headquarters in this historical area.


The new location brings TWT’s warehousing and office operations into one combined space, streamlining the business. Adding weight to the project is a second branch of ‘Bike and Brew’, a cycle and coffee shop that rents space alongside TWT.



The new space has allowed TWT to facilitate the industry’s first-ever ‘Bike Festival’, in which TWT dealers (shop owners, not the public) are encouraged to make the trip to PE to connect with the team, and get to grips with TWT’s 2018 product range.


This week, dealers from around the country will get to see TWT’s complete offering.


Among the product on display is the full Momsen line-up, including the new Vipa Trail and R355 gravel bike (both below).




We also spotted this good-looking Momsen ‘E-Shuttle’ carbon e-MTB hardtail, with Shimano battery and motor – the first-ever Shimano e-bike system to land in SA. Victor Momsen claims it’s only for show, but we feel he may have plans up his sleeve! From a quick ride we can tell you it’s (relatively) light, has loads of power, and could be a game changer in the SA market.



Stan’s No Tubes is one of TWT’s most popular brands, while the Vee Tire Co’s range of tyres is gaining traction (see what we did there) locally.



TWT’s Bike Festival is set to become an annual fixture for the company, with the aim of showcasing the coming year’s products with daily afternoon rides through the Baakens Valley.

On Tuesday afternoon’s ride we were joined by Adrian from East London’s Cycle HQ, Serfie and Louis from Oudtshoorn’s Cycle Addict, and Harry from GoCycles in Middelburg, among others. The guys revelled in the chance to network and chat shop with other bike-shop owners from various parts of the country.



After announcing TWT’s newest acquisition, Lauf suspension forks, TWT founder Victor Momsen said he wanted to grow the festival into something even bigger, in which various industry players will descend on PE annually to showcase their new product ranges.


If nothing else, TWT’s Bike Festival provides the ideal opportunity for hard-working bike-shop owners to sample Momsen’s delicious Trail Ale!