2024 B-Well Around the Pot, presented by SEESA – King of the Rollers!

Prepare for the Ultimate Cycling Adventure: B-well Around the Pot is back!


So. What’s a ‘roller’? In cycling terms, obviously, this isn’t a Tik-Tok link to granny’s 80s hair regime. One of the best ways to find out for yourself is to head out to Swellendam at the end of July and do some scientific research on your bike.

It’s a hill that allows you to roll, medium pace and using your momentum from the previous bit of downhill respite to maintain just enough speed to give a few kicks on the pedals to make it to the crest of the next hillock, enjoy a brief freewheel and repeat. For as many hillocks as the race organisers manage to find for you.

The B-Well Around the Pot gravel extravaganza uses the terrain of the Overberg to its fullest in creating a collection of route options that will have you questioning your definition of a roller, as the fatigue begins to kick in, but loving every minute of the free speed the early moments of these increasingly challenging moments become.

Guaranteed: your definition by the end will have changed! But not enough to skip the celebratory debrief with your fellow endurance addicts at the Swellendam Showgrounds, where the event is hosted on 26 and 27 July 2024.

Choose your distance

The B-Well Around the Pot, presented by SEESA offers four entry options. They are measured in miles at 25, 60, 100 and 200. That’s roughly 40km, 98km, 160km and (yes, true story with a big field of entrants to once again prove our collective insanity) 321km. There are no real gnarly climbs or passes – yes, the longer routes have some extremely long drags (there’s another definition you can wrangle with in your head as you tackle the iconic 200-miler) that will keep the heart rate ‘steady’, but in general, all the routes offer a glorious collection of wide open gravel roads, perfect for riding with your mates and taking in the scenery south of the N2 so few of us take time to find. The canary-yellow Canola fields are brilliant at this time of year, in particular, and Blue-Crane-spotting could become a national sport.

Ride what you have

There is no right bike choice for the B-Well Around the Pot – other than the one you have. There is also – I guess we should say this carefully – no wrong bike choice. You will manufacture yourself new hands and other ‘contact points’ that not even Chamois Cream can fix if you try to ride your road bike, but we have seen some weird stuff over the years – please don’t… The longer distances are great for gravel bikes, with the extra comfort and speed the different hand positions will offer, but your mountain bike will be only marginally slower (and might save your butt a little with the fatter tyres). For the 25 and 60 milers, anything goes – it’s all about the fun on the day, with friends new and old, and two wheels in any form will take you to some lekker new places.

Down by the river

For many, the highlight of the B-Well Around the Pot is the ferry-crossing of the Malgas River.

For many, the highlight of the B-Well Around the Pot is the ferry-crossing of the Malgas River. The three longer routes use this pont to cross over towards the N2, for the final stretch back to Swellendam, with the 25-miler choosing, instead, to take in the sublime trails and wildlife of the Bontebok National Park. There is a 45-minute neutral zone at the pont, to allow for the time it takes to shepherd grimy bikers across the river, with food and music to keep the spirits up. And then, before you know it, you will be back in Swellendam for Overberg hospitality at its very best with safe parking, showers and chill zones for that all-important debrief. Including what a roller is, or should be…

The details

Date: 26 & 27 July 2024
Distance: 200Miler | 100Miler | 60Miler | 25 Miler
Entry fees:

200MILER / 321KM  100MILER / 160KM
Solo – R1450
Teams of 2 – R2600
Teams of 3 – R3900
Teams of 4 – R5200
Solo – R1150
Teams of 2 – R2100
Teams of 3 – R3150
Teams of 4 – R4200
60 MILER / 98KM 25 MILER / 40KM
Solo – R800
Teams of 2 – R1400
Teams of 3 – R2100
Teams of 4 – R2800
Solo – R450
Teams of 2 – R800
Teams of 3 – R1200
Teams of 4 – R1600

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For more info about the 2024 B-Well Around the Pot gravel extravaganza, head over to www.aroundthepot.co.za.

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