Amashova Durban Classic Race Concludes with a Thrilling Finish

The worst of the weather threats averted, nearly 4 000 riders tackled the annual Amashova Durban Classic in cool, wet conditions.

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This year’s Amashova Durban Classic Race saw thousands of cyclists taking part in a spectacular showcase of talent and determination, cementing its status as one of South Africa’s premier cycling events. The Amashova received over 4 000 entries for the 2023 race. Cyclists of all skill levels, from amateurs to seasoned professionals, tested their mettle on the challenging course, in very wet and windy conditions along most of the route.  The weather did not deter cyclists’ enthusiasm, and riders crossed the finish line with beaming smiles and high spirits!

The race was marked by fierce competition, with riders pushing their limits and exhibiting outstanding sportsmanship. One of the highlights of the event was the sprint finish of the men’s elite riders, with split seconds between the top places. Rohan Du Plooy emerged as the men’s champion with a time of  02:20:24.02, and behind him in second and third place were Jaedon Terlouw and Gustav Basson respectively. Jo van de Winkel claimed victory in the women’s elite category with Carla Oberholzer taking close second place. 

In addition to the professional categories, the Amashova Durban Classic Race also celebrated the spirit of community and inclusivity. The event featured a range of categories and age groups, ensuring that riders of all backgrounds could participate and experience the thrill of competitive cycling.

“We are thrilled to see such a remarkable turnout for the 2023 Amashova Durban Classic Race! The event has once again brought together a diverse group of riders, from professionals to amateurs, and showcased the beauty of cycling in this stunning part of South Africa. The success of the Amashova Durban Classic Race would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors, volunteers, and the local community. Their commitment to the event has been invaluable, and we are grateful for their contribution,” expressed Annie Batchelder, Amashova Race Director. 

As the dust settles on yet another memorable edition of the Amashova Durban Classic Race, the organisers are already looking ahead to next year’s event. Plans are already in motion to make it even more thrilling and inclusive for participants. 


The competition in both divisions was intense, with riders delivering remarkable performances throughout the race. The official 2023 results for the elite Men’s and Ladies’ top positions for the 106km race are as follows: 


Name  Surname  Finish Time
Rohan Du Plooy 02:20:24.02
Jaedon Terlouw 02:20:24.37
Gustav Basson 02:20:24.52


Name  Surname  Finish Time
Jo Van de Winkel 02:54:16.0
Carla Oberholzer 02:54:16.6
Nadia  Stuckler 03:07:30.6


Rohan Du Plooy, men’s overall elite winner said it was a hard day out on the road with the challenging weather conditions but he thoroughly enjoyed the race. “To win the Amashova, the oldest classic road cycling race in the country, is every cyclist’s dream, and certainly a big achievement for me,” stated Du Plooy.  Du Plooy previously placed second in the Amashova, but this year at the age of 29 achieved first place overall in the 106km race.


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