SA Cycling Team Announced for Tokyo Olympic Games

Cycling South Africa has announced the cycling squad for the Tokyo Olympic Games, scheduled from 23 July, 2021.

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The 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo will see five road riders, two mountain bikers, three track specialists and a BMXer, selected by CSA and SASCOC, represent South Africa, with medal prospects not too bad at all.

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is responsible for creating the qualifying system, which is then approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). This system determines the number of starting positions associated with each Nations’ UCI ranking. Throughout the Olympic qualifying period, every country is focused on their UCI Olympic Ranking to determine their athlete quota for the Games.

CyclingSA applies its selection criteria to determine who will be selected for the Olympic Games and submits the long list of riders to SASCOC with evidence of ranking and qualification for verification and approval.

As a result of the UCI Olympic ranking system, South Africa qualified slots for the below events:

Road Racing

Track Cycling


BMX Racing

  • Men – 1 athlete

To read more about the CyclingSA selection criteria for discipline, view the selection documents for Road Racing, Mountain-biking, Track Cycling and BMX Racing.

On the road, the men will be represented by former national champion Daryl Impey, current national TT champ and 2020 road champ Ryan Gibbons and Qhubeka Assos stalwart Nic Dlamini. The women representatives are Ashleigh Moolman Pasio and Carla Oberholzer.

“SASCOC and CyclingSA are aware that Daryl Impey has recently had surgery following a crash at the Ruta del Sol in Spain a few days ago. The SASCOC medical team are in contact with Daryl’s medical team and will advise if he will not be fit to participate in Tokyo. The reserve rider has been notified, and should Daryl not be fit to participate, the reserve rider will be announced.” said Ciska Austin, President of CyclingSA.

Alan Hatherly is probably the biggest Olympic medal prospect, if he can hold his 2021 World Cup form. Top-tens at this level put him right in the mix. Candice Lill is no stranger to the Olympics, a former World Championships medallist and 2012 London Olympic Games participant.

The track squad of Charlene du Preez, David Maree and Jean Spies has been campaigning in Europe, with success, while Alex Limberg is the reigning SA BMX champion and will be looking forward to heading to Tokyo after narrowly missing qualification for Rio in 2016.

“All the riders on the long-list for Team SA have continued to deliver results despite the setbacks and disruption for the Tokyo Olympic Games. We are extremely proud of the riders who have been selected to represent South Africa and wish the team all the success in reaching their Olympic dreams.”

Sat, 24 July 04h00 – 11h15 Men’s Road Race
Sun, 25 July 06h00 – 10h30 Women’s Road Race
Wed, 28 July 04h30 – 10h30 Men’s and Women’s Individual Time Trial
Mon, 26 July 08h00 – 11h00 Men’s Cross Country
Tues, 27 July 08h00 – 11h00 Women’s Cross Country
Thurs, 29 July 03h00 – 05h00 Men’s and Women’s Quarterfinals
Fri, 30 July 03h00 – 05h00 Men’s and Women’s Semi- and Finals
Mon, 2 August 08h30 – 11h30 Women’s Team Sprint Qualifying
Women’s Team Pursuit Qualifying
Women’s Team Sprint First round
Men’s Team Pursuit Qualifying
Women’s Team Sprint Finals
Tues, 3 August 08h30 – 11h10 Women’s Team Pursuit First round
Men’s Team Sprint Qualifying
Men’s Team Pursuit First round
Men’s Team Sprint First round
Women’s Team Pursuit Finals
Men’s Team Sprint Finals
Wed, 4 August 08h30 – 11h30 Men’s Sprint Qualifying
Women’s Keirin First round
Men’s Sprint 1/32 Finals
Women’s Keirin Repechages
Men’s Sprint 1/32 Finals Repechages
Men’s Team Pursuit Finals
Men’s Sprint 1/16 Finals
Men’s Sprint 1/16 Finals Repechages
Thurs, 5 August 08h30 – 11h50 Men’s Omnium Scratch Race 1/4
Men’s Sprint 1/8 Finals
Women’s Keirin Quarterfinals
Men’s Sprint 1/8 Finals Repechages
Men’s Omnium Tempo Race 2/4
Men’s Sprint Quarterfinals
Women’s Keirin Semifinals
Men’s Omnium Elimination Race 3/4
Women’s Keirin Final 7-12
Women’s Keirin Final 1-6
Men’s Omnium Points Race 4/4
Men’s Sprint Race for 5th-8th Places
Fri, 6 August 08h30 – 12h15 Women’s Sprint Qualifying
Men’s Sprint Semifinals
Women’s Sprint 1/32 Finals
Women’s Sprint 1/32 Finals Repechages
Women’s Madison Final
Men’s Sprint Finals
Women’s Sprint 1/16 Finals
Women’s Sprint 1/16 Finals Repechages
Sat, 7 August 08h30 – 11h25 Women’s Sprint 1/8 Finals
Men’s Keirin First Round
Women’s Sprint 1/8 Finals Repechages
Men’s Keirin Repechages
Women’s Sprint Quarterfinals
Sun, 8 August 03h00 – 06h15 Women’s Omnium Scratch Race 1/4
Women’s Sprint Semifinals
Men’s Keirin Quarterfinals
Women’s Omnium Tempo Race 2/4
Women’s Sprint Race for 5th-8th Places
Men’s Keirin Semifinals
Women’s Sprint Finals
Women’s Omnium Elimination Race 3/4
Men’s Keirin Final 7-12
Men’s Keirin Final 1-6
Women’s Omnium Points Race 4/4

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