10 Epic Father’s Day Cycling Gifts

Get your dad something he'll actually use - and love - this Father's Day!

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1. Bontrager Circuit Road Shoe: R2,199

Sometimes it’s okay if Dad shows off a little! Unlock his potential and go further with the Circuit road shoe. Equal parts stiff and comfortable, compatible with both 2-bolt SPD-style, 3-bolt cleats and Boa L6 dial for precise adjustment. Efficient, full-feature road cycling shoe with a roomy design for all-day comfort. Find a Trek retailer today!

Colours Available: Viper Red, Black

2. Enjoy Stealth Climber: R2,500

If your dad lies awake at night thinking of ways to shave more grams off his race bike, this is the bib to make that happen. The minimalist design features cross-over straps for maximum ventilation and minimum weight, and the imported Italian lycra has compression qualities to keep your quads firing.

The Phantom chamois is equally sleek – it somehow manages to use less foam, but still offers great padding and freedom of movement. Go dad!

3. D’Arcs Edge Sunglasses: R500

Compared to top-end specs from the likes of Oakley and adidas, these D’Arcs are cheap and perfect for the dad that doesn’t take the best care of things. He won’t be distraught if they take a bit of abuse.

That’s not to say they don’t look great, with big, distortion-free lenses that offer good UV protection, as well as protection against debris thrown up by the wheels.

They fit well too, with a nosepiece that you can pinch or widen depending on how far you want them off your face. Deal.

4. Giro Bravo Gel Gloves: R500

The pros may think gloves are lame, but if your dad quite likes a bit of padding, these are the perfect gift for him.

These gloves from Giro have 3mm gel pads in key areas on the palm, which soak up handlebar chatter and give your frazzled nerve endings a break. The palm material is durable suede, and the upper is made from stretchy, breathable mesh.

The no-frills dad will also like the no-nonsense black, which is what gloves should be.

5. Salomon Agile Wind Jacket: R1,099

Perfectly suited to transition seasons, the versatile Agile Wind Jacket for men is great for the active dad whether hes running, cycling or going on shorter hikes.

Minimal adjustments keeps this jacket light, a longer back provides better coverage and two zippered hand pockets provide room to securely stash essentials. Your dad will love this multi-use shell.

6. Merrell Eden Cycling Shorts: R499

Update your dads cycling kit with these Eden Cycling Shorts from Merrell. Black in colour, this athletic design features an orange trimming and Merrell branding along the hem, back and side of the shorts. They showcase a fitted shape, high waistline and a padded seat for comfort. Ideal for the avid cyclist.

7. Aeropress Travel Bundle with Porlex Coffee Grinder: R1,999

The Aeropress is about as ubiquitous amongst the travelling bike racer crowd as compression socks and embarrassing tan lines, but there’s a reason that cyclists turn to the syringe-like design of the Aeropress for low-fuss high-quality coffee. The setup packs down to the size of a water bottle and requires very little of your precious attention as you attempt to pin on numbers and make it to the start line on time. Great idea for the coffee-loving dad.

8. Salomon Prolog 40 Bag: R1,199

The toughest duffel your dad will ever own! The Prolog 40 bag is made from a durable, waterproof material so he can set it down on wet ground or rough rocks without worry. It has separate compartments for clean and dirty items, and carries easily.

9. Simply Bee Butt Balm: R139

Simply Bee’s Butt Balm is an all-natural chamois cream to prevent, and heal saddle sores. Even high-quality cycling shorts are sometimes not enough to keep your manly bits completely chafe-free. Enter the Butt Balm, made with beeswax, almond, & tea tree oil, with added propolis. This balm is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial to take care of you or your dad’s nether region needs…

10. Specialized Propero III with ANGi: R2,200

It’s not an ultra-lightweight helmet like its cousin, the S-Works Prevail; but it has a similar design, with excellent airflow. It even has a removable peak, which makes it suitable for any kind of riding, from road to gravel and even mountain-bike loops. Who or what is ANGi? It stands for ‘Angular and G-Force Indicator’, and it’s a little crash sensor, about the size of a key fob, which Specialized are rolling out across many helmets in their range.

This little nugget of technology is designed to detect an impact to the head, or even a harmful whiplash event, where the helmet itself is undamaged. Genius idea for the bull in a china shop kinda dads.


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