Enjoy Mens ProXision Bibshorts

Enjoy's ProXision bib shorts are designed to be all-day comfortable, and have secret treasure pockets, if baggier shirts is your thing.

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There is little in the world of cycling more personal, and more important, than finally discovering the cycling shorts that work for you. Enjoy’s premier ProXision might just become our new favourites.

Stash pockets for emergency supplies

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The ProXision is snug and functional, with a reduced panel count for better fit and cooling when the pace is hot and a revised, sculptured padded insert, and straps that are light and functional, with a surprise or two for the endurance rider.

Multiple foam densities for all-day comfort.

The padding is the heart of the ProXision. The brief to the tech geeks when designing this insert was to make it comfortable for up to eight hours of riding. Before it is even sewn into the 220gsm Lycra, it is shaped to fit your derriere, sculpted to minimise heat buildup, shaved to reduce any chance of chafing and with a combination of 4mm low-density and 10mm high-density foam for the contact points.

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The best insert in the world is pointless if it isn’t supported by a well-designed and constructed short, and the ProXision delivers with a side panel that wraps fully around the thigh, with a single seam at the rear, allowing full stretch when you are full-gas, and your impressive quads need some room to do their thing. The party trick is in the straps, though; lightweight mesh construction keeps you cool, and there are four small storage compartments – like mini cycling jersey pockets – to carry a smattering of stuff when you want to ride baggier tops: an energy bar or three, your credit card or maybe a smallish cellphone.

ProXision bibshorts
One of the four stash pockets

The ProXision is Enjoy’s all-day endurance bib, designed for adventurers and speed merchants alike. Perfect for those escape-the-kids Festive 500 miles.

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