Ciovita Supremo Pace Women’s Cycling Bib

Ciovita's new Supremo Pace bib shorts address one of conventional cycling kit's biggest challenges... that bathroom stop!

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Ciovita Pace: The Peace Of Mind Nature-Break Function Without Removing Clothing Layers.

Ciovita has launched its latest innovation, the Women’s Supremo Pace Cycling Bib. This piece of high-end performance cycling clothing is designed to not only elevate your ride but offer much-needed off-the-bike functionality. The new Women’s Supremo Pace Cycling Bib aims to enhance your riding experience and empower you to ride better.

At it’s heart is Ciovita’s women-led R&D team, dedicated and able to create products that focus on the needs of women cyclists and their specific needs. The Supremo Pace Bib features an innovative harness design, which allows the bib to be “dropped” for utmost convenience when nature calls during your ride. Done are the days of having to strip down all the layers just to visit the bathroom.

The bib’s multi-panel construction, crafted from race-tested Italian Lycra that incorporates recycled ocean plastics, offers an ergonomic fit that stays in place while providing the range of movement needed to change positions on the saddle. Say goodbye to discomfort and inconvenience, and embrace the ultimate riding experience with  CIOVITA’s Women’s Supremo Pace Cycling Bib.

Their commitment to every athletes’ performance doesn’t end there. They use fabrics with advanced moisture-wicking capabilities, offering optimal moisture and odour control even in the most challenging conditions.

“After taking in feedback from our athletes and customers, we have implemented a new elastic construction which is best described as a Semi-Elasticated-Cuff-For-Flattering-Leg-Finish (no more “sausage legs” or uncomfortable pressure) – this feature will keep your legs comfortable whilst ensuring a secure fit.” says Lauren Neethling, Senior Product developer.

The bib straps are designed with a magnetic clip in-line with the bust to prevent straps from slipping off the shoulders and adding extra comfort with less tension.

“We believe that your cycling clothing should not only be functional and comfortable but also a true reflection of your personality and style. So the Supremo Pace Bib will be available in a wide array of colours, namely Black, Navy, Magenta, Rust and our exciting new Forest colourway”

Experience the joy and freedom that comes from being on two wheels with the new Women’s Supremo Pace Cycling Bib and join our community of passionate cyclists who ride confidently, knowing that they have the best in performance and comfort supporting every pedal stroke.

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