TESTED Polar’s Super-Accurate H10 Heart Rate Monitor Belt

Polar's H10 heart rate monitor strap does just what it says on the packaging: measures your heart rate accurately, comfortably and reliably.

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Polar’s H10 heart rate belt is the Finnish firm’s latest, greatest chest-based monitor. Its simplicity in design belies its top-level functionality and accuracy, which is pretty much the way Polar has always done things.

Polar led the way in the development of affordable heart rate monitoring in the early 1980s, and while recent moves forward have been in the optical heart rate department – sports watches that measure your pulse through leds on the back of the unit, sitting snug to the skin of your wrist and upper-arm monitors like the OH1 and Verity units, for active sports like cycling, with its constant bumping and jiggling, the ECG-based measurement of the chest strap remains the most reliable.


The H10 transmits through Bluetooth Smart (you can connect to two different devices at the same time, great for working on Zwift while recording on your bike computer or your sports watch) and Ant+. It transmits both of these protocols simultaneously, too – all bases covered.

The Pro Soft strap is as comfortable as they come, with some nods to rider feedback in the simple one-hand clip release to remove it, and the silicone bobbles that keep the tightness adjustment exactly where you need it – no slipping on your skin, and no gradual loosening on longer rides. The electronica clips in through two substantial press-studs, and is not integral to the strap clipping together; old-school, but solid and reliable. BONUS – it is machine-washable (within the manufacturer’s guidelines, read the instructions!).

The H10’s measurement unit is not the most streamlined on the market – but then why should it be? Don’t get us wrong – it is hardly bulky, and certainly doesn’t get in the way or snag on clothing, but where other brands have focused on bringing you the thinnest, slinkiest-looking unit, Polar has refined the industrial design element as much as necessary, but focused on bringing you the most accurate heart rate reading possible. Good job!

It takes a CR2025 battery – not the CR2032 we automatically presume we will need – with a claimed 400 hours of use. It has a built-in memory for one session – when linked with Polar’s free Beat app. It is waterproof up to 30m, and works under water – perfect for slaying that Ironman dragon…


A supremely comfortable strap carrying one of the most accurate heart rate monitors on the market, and Polar’s 40 years of HRM excellence. It does just what it says on the box: measures your heart rate accurately, comfortably and reliably.

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