Happy Feet: Why Cycling-Specific Socks Are Important

Don't let your choice of cycling socks ruin your ride - Falke's new Pedal Pressure Free collection ticks every box for comfort and style.

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Let’s chat quickly about cycling-specific socks – often the most overlooked items in your riding wardrobe, yet items that can make or break your riding. To shoot the first elephant in the room, without delay – no, you can’t just grab a pair of normal rugby, running or casual socks from your cupboard and expect happy feet on the bike. You don’t believe us… let’s go:

Cycling socks should be thin and snug.

Your cycling shoes are designed to be stiff – a shoe that flexes will mean lost energy at the pedal. Cycling shoes are also designed to fit snugly, also to minimise energy loss through the movement of your foot inside your shoes. So the socks that go into the cycling shoes should be snug, too.

They wick away sweat.

Sweaty feet, in addition to being uncomfortable, are more blister-prone. Synthetic materials like nylon or polyester wick moisture and dry quickly. Cotton socks are not a good choice because they retain moisture.

Cycling socks are breathable.

Mesh ventilation panels, typically found along the tops of cycling socks, and sometimes underneath the ball of the foot, boost comfort, especially when it’s hot. Cycling socks also have flat-seam toes to prevent chafing.

The height of style.

The height of your cycling socks is largely a matter of personal preference. As long as the sock comes up higher than your shoe, it can work, even if you might suffer some in-bunch bullying from the fashion police. Performance-focused cyclists (ones that shave their legs) might go with higher socks because of a slight aerodynamic advantage (but, let’s get real here – only the pro’s will feel the extra watt…). If you’re a mountain biker, then might want a pair of higher, more durable socks to help protect your ankles and lower legs from brush, gravel and dirt.

Should your socks be thicker in winter?

The simple answer is no – firstly, they won’t work in your snug shoes, and secondly you open yourself up to all manners of blister options. Stick with your normal socks and cover the cold with toe caps or booties, rather.

FALKE’s Cycling Sock Collection

The newly-launched FALKE Cycling Sock Collection is made from recycled, eco-friendly textile fibres, called BCool, whilst still maintaining the same premium quality of durability, comfort and fit that is expected from the FALKE brand.

FALKE sports socks are light, breathable, offer moisture-wicking properties and are cushioned for comfort and support. You can buy them RIGHT HERE, or from your favourite retailer. Liberate your feet today!

New FALKE Cycling Collection Specs for the Pedal Pressure Free:

  • Pedal Pressure Free eliminates pedal pressure under the ball of your foot
  • Sensitive cuff for comfort, stability and support
  • Mesh panels aid breathability and keep feet cool
  • Elasticated ankle support offers comfort and support 
  • BCOOL Recycled yarn keeps feet cool and dry
  • Cordura reinforced heel and toe ensure ultimate durability
  • Seamless toe aids blister prevention


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