Up Your Ride With Game-Changing Rearview Radar Devices From Garmin!

Be extra alert! The Varia range from Garmin gives you eyes on the back of your helmet.

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Garmin has recently launched it’s Varia range, designed to add extra awareness to your ride. It’s made to make you feel like you have eyes at the back of your helmet, when you ride…

The Varia RVR315, a rearview radar, and the Varia RTL515, a rearview radar with tail light, is made to alert cyclists of approaching vehicles no matter where or when they ride. Both devices work with the new Varia app which allows you to use your phone as a primary or backup display while riding.

Giving you peace of mind on the ride

“Our previous generation rearview radar with tail light quickly became a staple for cyclists around the world, providing peace of mind during any ride, day or night,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales. “With the new RVR315, RTL515 and Varia app, we’re bringing those state-of-the-art safety features to even more riders, helping to ease some of the anxiety they can experience when on the road.”


Stay aware of approaching cars

When paired with a compatible Garmin device, the new Varia app, or a dedicated radar display unit, cyclists using the Varia RVR315 and RTL515, will receive both visible and audible alerts warning them of vehicles approaching from behind, up to 130+ meters away. For riders using the Varia RTL515 during a daytime ride, the tail light can be seen up to a 1,5km away, making it easier for drivers to see a cyclist before the radar sees the vehicle. What’s more, the Varia RTL515 now includes peloton mode, providing a low-intensity flash that is easier on other cyclists’ eyes while riding in a group.

It’s like having eyes on the back of your helmet

Pairing the Varia RVR315 or RTL515 with the new Varia app is like having eyes on the back of a helmet, alerting cyclists to approaching vehicles. While riding, cyclists will receive colour-coded alerts on their phone – green means everything is OK, amber means a vehicle is coming and red means a car is approaching at high speed. In addition to the graphics, tone and vibration alerts will let cyclists know when a vehicle is coming.

Lasting battery life

When used with a compatible smartphone, the Varia RVR315 and RTL515 integrate with popular third-party apps like Ride with GPS, letting cyclists overlay their maps with rearview radar alerts. The Varia RVR315 features up to 7 hours of battery life whereas the Varia RTL515 features up to 16 hours of battery life in day flash mode, and up to 6 hours in night flash or solid mode.

Garmin’s ever-expanding fitness segment develops technologies to enhance and promote healthy and active lifestyles. Whether users are runners, cyclists, swimmers, multisport athletes, or simply looking to stay active throughout the day, there is a product that can help them reach their health and fitness goals. Other Garmin fitness brands include Tacx – a market leader and manufacturer of indoor bike trainers, accessories and indoor training software and applications

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