The Octal X Is POC’s Newest XC Offering

An airy and versatile cross country helmet with backcountry inspiration.

Daniel Sapp |

An airy and versatile cross country helmet with backcountry inspiration. – By Daniel Sapp


New this year from POC Sports is the Octal X helmet. It’s designed to be a versatile model that caters to the XC and gravel groups, filling the space between POC’s more trail-oriented Tectal helmet and the roadie Octal.

POC helmets have a reputation for a secure fit with more coverage than some other brands. That’s thanks to a silhouette that allows the helmet to sit lower on the head, especially at the rear of the helmet. The Octal X follows this lineage: Using a similar ventilation design as the airy Octal road helmet and adding more coverage for more aggressive riding, it sits low and forms what feels like a cocoon around your head. The padding is comfortable and soft. Weight is a (claimed) light 210g for the M/L.

pochelmetandshades_Compared to the Octal, POC made some structural refinements as well. The biggest difference between the Octal and Octal X is an aramid bridge integrated into the structure of the helmet, which is designed to make it stronger and hold the shell together in the event of a crash or impact.pochelmetcolorsThe Octal X also features Recco technology: It’s a chip embedded in the helmet that helps search and rescue teams quickly find and locate lost people from the air. It’s been available for some time in snowsports, mostly for locating avalanche accident victims, and doesn’t require a subscription or activation; if you ever need it, it’s just there, and provides yet another way to provide more safety while on the bike.NEED TO KNOW:

POC Octal X

Price: R4,150

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