7 Things You’ll Love About The 947 Ride Joburg Route

Joburg isn't Cape Town, but the City Of Gold's premier cycling race still has its good points. Here are some of the best.

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Joburg isn’t Cape Town, but the City Of Gold’s premier cycling race still has its good points. Here are some of the best. – By The Bicycling Team

Lest we forget, Joburg as a city has a lot to offer cyclists. Especially on a day when there are no cars on the road to get in your way. Here are the parts of the route you’ll enjoy… including a new speed test.

Every Climb

There’s 1 260m of climbing over the duration of the race; but the ascents are gradual, ensuring you hold a good rhythm, a higher average speed and enjoy riding them.

Every Descent

Fast descents, yes; twisty descents, no. If you’re liking the idea of riding uphill quicker than usual, Then you’re going to love the speed you’ll generate going down.

Speed Demons!

The route heads into the new Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, giving you the chance to see how fast you really are. Just don’t overdo it, there’s a lot of 947 still to come.

The Freeways

With almost 40% of the race ridden on a 2- or 3-lane freeway, bunches will spread out more comfortably. This means less tension, less braking, fewer crashes, and a more consistent pace.

Nelson Mandela Bridge

This is an important landmark to Johannesburg and the 947 Cycle Challenge. It’s also a great spot for an Instastop (Instagram photo stop), and is a favourite for race photographers too, so practice your bike pose and save it for this section.

Zoo Lake

When you’re just over half way through and you feel like you need a lift, the section on Jan Smuts drive heading to Zoo Lake is the perfect pick me up. Sunday brunchers are usually out to support and you’ll enjoy the cheers, braais and beers.

 Steyn City

After the toughest climb of the day up King and Queen of the Mountains, the Steyn City Estate offers some picturesque scenery that makes the uphill slog worth it. Make it an instastop, both for the photo’s and a breather before the tough hills to follow.

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