FALKE – A Century of Fresh Feet

Socks are the unsung heroes of cycling . FALKE has been keeping your tootsies cool and comfortable for more than a century.


Contact-point comfort is critical on the bike. Poor fitting gloves, shoes, shorts or helmets can cause extreme discomfort on longer rides, sometimes forcing you to stop and relook your equipment choices. Or just stop.  Socks are the unsung heroes in this scenario – these smallest of items that can bring you the greatest of pleasure (although, to be fair, if they are doing their job you won’t notice them doing it), or bring you to your knees.

FALKE has been keeping our feet fine and dandy for more than 128 years, and has learned a thing or two in that time about what it takes to make a lightweight, comfortable breathable sock. The latest in their cycling-friendly offerings is the stylish BCool range.

These eco-friendly cycling socks have been sustainably manufactured using FALKE’s latest BCool fibre. BCool Bike cycling socks offer quick-drying, moisture management throughout the life of the socks. The moisture-wicking yarn effect of these socks performs well as they direct the sweat from the sole of the foot to the shoe’s outer, leading to wicking which has a cooling effect felt on hot feet.


BCOOL BIKE CYCLING SOCKS – Keeps Feet Cool and Dry

  • Elasticated anklet support offers comfort and support
  • Mesh panels aid breathability and keep feet cool
  • Sensitive cuff for comfort, stability and support
  • Arch support for added comfort and support
  • BCool recycled yarn keeps feet cool and dry
  • Seamless toe aids blister prevention
  • Non-cushioned

Explore the BCOOL BIKE CYCLING SOCK collection online www.falke.co.za

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