Why Lace-Up Cycling Shoes Are Back

Find out which shoe style is right for you.

Bicycling Editors |

Find out which shoe style is right for you.By Bicycling Editors

Giro’s Empire ACC has an old-school vibe and a modern Easton EC90 ACC carbon fibre sole.

Long before Velcro, buckles, and dials, laces were it because, well, laces were it. Tie-up cycling shoes are currently back in vogue partly because they look cool—and also because they offer unparalleled comfort. “With eyelets down the whole shoe, laces offer the best customised foot fit—snug without any unwanted pressure points,” says Chris Hutchens, design and development director at Lake Cycling. But comfort is only part of the equation.

Here’s how the fasteners stack up:

Upside: Comfortable and neat, easy to adjust.
Downside: Susceptible to the elements, high price.

Upside: Secure, easy to adjust.
Downside: Can break or get gummed up in sloppy conditions.

Upside: Comfy and secure. Fashion forward.
Downside: Difficult to adjust while riding; loose ends.

Velcro Straps
Upside: Economical, durable, and effective in all weather conditions.
Downside: Can loosen over a long ride, snag on clothing, and attract lint and other debris.

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