Don’t Let Inflammation Ruin Your Ride

Bust inflammation the natural way with Flexadrin.

Michael Finch |

Heat, pain, redness are all warning signs of inflammation in your body. Whether it rears its ugly head in the form of an aching knee or something more hard-to-spot, like inflammation hidden deep in your joints, organs or arteries, it can be detrimental to your training.

Get a handle on inflammation

Flexadrin has been formulated with a patented natural ingredient called Celadrin, which aids the body in reducing inflammation, restoring joint flexibility and alleviating pain.

Celadrin is a blend of special fatty acids which play a vital role in suppressing inflammatory cell functions, decreasing cartilage breakdown, and triggering of cell death. Studies have shown remarkable benefits of reduced pain and swelling in those using Celadrin.

Flexadrin is available in both capsules and cream, and has the following benefits:

  • Maintains flexibility and mobility so that you can move with pain-free ease
  • Aids muscle recovery and aching joints
  • Repairs damaged cartilage
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Enhances the fluids that cushion your bones and joints
  • Restores cell membranes
  • Prevents further tissue and joint damage while promoting healing
  • No risk of side effects relating to anti-inflammatory drugs
  • The cream instantly cools and revitalises tired heavy legs, as well as sore feet

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