Tough Cyclists Need Rugged Gadgets On Their Adventures!

Explore the outdoors on a whole new level with Cat phones - the only riding partner you'll ever need.

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Does getting lost in the mountains on your bike sound like an adventure you’d be up for? We’re there with you! Only problem is, that the endless list of tech you need for an adventure these days, means you probably can’t be as spontaneous. Yeah, gadgets can either make or break your ride-ventures, because if it isn’t charged or not durable enough to handle all kinds of terrain like you can, then you probably aren’t going. At least not if Cat® phones can help…

Gear up with Cat phones!

Cat phones is the leaders in rugged mobile phones and they’ve built phones so strong you can take it on any ride-venture. They’re made to operate reliably in harsh environments and challenging conditions. And because credible rugged phones must undergo a series of tests of both design and construction in order to verify their rugged claims, Cat have put theirs to the ultimate test… Most of brands have to validate their rugged devices through a drop test – in a range of 0.8m to 1m. Very few will test to 1.2m, but Cat phones are dropped 30 times on multiple faces from an impressive 1.8m – to give you the confidence you need in a riding partner.

Cat Phones


Cat phones features

  1. Integrated thermal imaging camera to improve efficiency on any terrain. The flagship S61 with enhanced resolution of thermal images can now read temperatures up to 400°C, providing enough detail to help locate and diagnose damp, draft, leak, short or blockage.
  2. Laser assisted distance measure to help you map out your route with accuracy.
  3. Air quality monitor – this feature provides you with temperature and humidity readings.
  4. Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 scratch resistant screen so you don’t have to worry about cracks and smashes.
  5. Functional in any environment: waterproof to 3m (for 60 minutes) including salt water, drop tested onto concrete from 1.8m, protected against any dust and dirt and tested to ensure it can withstand extreme temperatures (from -25°C to 55°C) and thermal shocks – meaning you really can take Cat phones with you anywhere.
  6. Large powerful battery which lasts for more than a day.
  7. The “Good, Better, Best” trio of the S31, S41 and S61 offer a phone for every budget or user need.

Every Cat phone leaving the factory is built rugged and stays rugged through its life. The proof? Cat phones offer the most comprehensive two-year warranty of any smartphone in South Africa, which covers all defects and accidental damage for 2 years.

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