Ride Your E-Bike Longer (And Further) With E-BikeTec

E-bikes are expensive and highly technical. Regular maintenance and servicing will let you enjoy the trails longer, and faster.

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E-BikeTec was formed to provide all your e-bike motor needs, from bearings and sundry parts to servicing and accessories – and specialising in (but not limited to) Bosch e-bike equipment.

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Robert Wright, owner of E-BikeTec, has been an avid e-bike rider for the last three years. He soon realised that South Africa was a bit behind other regions, when it came to servicing and maintaining e-bikes.

The E-BikeTec Promise:

Quality products.

Large stock holding.

Knowledgeable staff.

To create an e-bike arm within his current business was a no-brainer – Robert’s 22 years in the highly technical industrial automation field, and established technical and distribution networks, bring all the spares your e-bike might ever need to your favourite dealer.

Why Bosch?

Bosch batteries are an efficient, long-life energy source. They combine impressive mileage, long service life and low weight (between 2.5kg and 3.5kg) with ergonomic design and convenient handling. And the high-quality lithium-ion batteries have a Battery Management System (BMS) that detects significant potential sources of error and effectively protects cells against overload.

DualBattery is the perfect solution for touring e-bikers, long-distance commuters, e-cargo-bikers and e-mountain-bikers. The combination of two Bosch batteries delivers up to 1 250Wh, and can be installed in various battery combinations from the manufacturer. The system switches intelligently between the two batteries during both charging and discharging.

E-BikeTec supplies:

  • Bosch service kits and accessories
  • Batteries (self-importing is almost impossible, because of dangerous-goods policies)
  • Chargers
  • Purion displays
  • Kiox retrofit kits

Current brands include Bosch, Brose, Impulse, Panasonic and Yamaha

The service life of Bosch rechargeable batteries is influenced mainly by type and duration of use. Like every lithium-ion battery, a Bosch rechargeable will age (even if you don’t use it). Over time, it loses capacity, and will need to be serviced and eventually replaced.

E-BikeTec is also the only supplier to both import and service e-bike motors. In South Africa, Bosch has no service agents for Bosch-powered e-bikes. The only way to service a Bosch e-bike motor is through the manufacturer – and that is only for the period of the factory warranty (usually two years).

Once out of warranty the onus is on the owner, who is left to battle to repair, service and even replace their own motors. The manufacturer in South Africa will only replace a motor that is under warranty – and they don’t service the Gen 2 motor with the Bosch BDU2xx Service Kit.

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This means that if your motor’s bearings collapse mid-ride, you could damage the motor and make it unrepairable. For the sake of your wallet (and by the manufacturer’s own instruction), the motor should be serviced regularly with the BDU2xx Service Kit.

E-BikeTec makes that possible, long after the warranty period on your machine has expired.


E-BikeTec resellers in South Africa

  • Cycle Lab
  • The Bike Shop Plett
  • The Bicycle Service Company
  • The Bicycle workshop
  • The bike shop
  • West Rand Cycles
  • Mellow Velo
  • E-Bike Adventures SA
  • Bike Addict
  • Hatfield Cycles

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